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  • Our Lady of Guadalupe: Prayer For Nation

    Our Lady of Guadalupe: Prayer For Nation

    The Raphael Remedy, October, 26 2016

    O Virgin of Guadalupe, we turn to you in this urgent hour of our great need.
    Evil forces threaten our nation from without and from within.
    Pray for us, dear Mother...

    Show the mighty power God has entrusted to you to crush the head of the serpent.
    In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,

  • Does Passion Trump Virtue?

    Does Passion Trump Virtue?

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, October, 14 2016

    That’s an interesting question. The answer probably seems obvious. Virtue wins all the time, right? I would think that but clearly God doesn’t seem to think so.

    Consider this. A man who lusted after a woman, finally has his way with her. She finds herself pregnant. Panicked, he makes a critical decision…he has her husband (a loyal friend of his) killed and the problem goes away.

  • Perspective Matters

    Perspective Matters

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, October, 12 2016


    I spent some time on the beach the other day, soaking in the last rays of summer. I noticed a plane soaring through the cloudless, azure sky. I watched as it got smaller and smaller before completely disappearing into the blue.

    I thought about the fact that at that moment what I saw go by was probably around 200 people having drinks, eating snacks, having conversations, or napping. 

  • Is She Pretty and Can She Cook?

    Is She Pretty and Can She Cook?

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, September, 29 2016


    Is there more to a happy Catholic marriage than simply marrying a Catholic?


    In Four Things to Look for in a Potential Spouse, Allison Ricciardi makes the case that the faith may not be enough and discusses four things that must be present for a successful marriage.


  • We Get What We Look For

    We Get What We Look For

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, September, 15 2016

    We all know someone like this. No matter what they do or who they deal with they get the short end of it - or “screwed” to use a more popular phrase. I’m always amazed with certain people as it seems to be infallible for them. The mechanic, their boss, their coworkers, the doctor, the bank teller, the plumber, the contractor…you name it. They always seem to get screwed over despite the pains they take to protect themselves. Not trusting anyone, they go out of their way to prevent any possibility of being taken advantage of, and yet Boom!

  • The Stunning Beauty of Mother Teresa

    The Stunning Beauty of Mother Teresa

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, September, 03 2016

    I didn’t have much faith formation as a kid. Sure, I went to catechism like most everyone else in those days but I don’t remember learning too much. I was a very shy and sensitive child and for some reason my best friend, Annette, and I were put in different classes - hers marked “A” and mine “B.” I can still remember the first day of orientation in the school gym, sitting in the bleachers with my class, in which I didn’t know a soul.

  • Catholic Young Women’s Group - Starts in September

    Catholic Young Women’s Group - Starts in September

    Deb Sabatino, MA, August, 18 2016

    Beginning, September 12th – every Monday evening  – for 6 weeks 

    (Ends: Monday, October 17th)

    TIME: 7:00pm to 8:30pm

    TOPICS INCLUDE:  Navigating Young Adulthood, Boundaries / Healthy Relationships, The Temperaments, Emotional Wholeness, Cultivating Interior Peace

  • Be Part of the Solution with the Rosary Crusade

    Be Part of the Solution with the Rosary Crusade

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, August, 15 2016

    As a people of faith we have hope even when the days around us seem darker than ever before. All that was once held dear in America is held in contempt and we see all manner of bedlam and anarchy on a rampage as we approach the presidential election. But, there is hope if we use the spiritual weapon Our Lady told us to use.

    Join me in being part of the solution: Join the Rosary Crusade for Our Nation

  • Was My Mom Kidding Me?

    Was My Mom Kidding Me?

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, August, 11 2016

    I remember it like it was yesterday…that shocking moment in the basement so long ago. I was probably about five or six and was with my mom looking for something when she made a casual comment that began with “when I was a little girl….”

    Now, I don’t remember her story but that line jumped out and has stayed with me until today.

  • Heaven, Hell, & A Loving God

    Heaven, Hell, & A Loving God

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, July, 30 2016

    Many good and intelligent people say they don't believe in hell or the devil because God is good and forgiving and would never condemn anyone to unending suffering.

    Would a loving God truly send people to hell? It seems so contradictory, doesn’t it? Or is even hell a manifestation of God’s mercy?

    Allison Ricciardi explores this topic in God’s Not Mean So Hell’s Not Possible.

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