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  • Hurt by an Abortion You Didn’t Have?

    Hurt by an Abortion You Didn’t Have?

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, January, 21 2015

    In the abortion debates that have gone on for over four decades in America, there are an awful lot of assumptions that are made. The first one being that a woman has a right to choose abortion to avoid ruining her life by having an unplanned child. Without critical thought, such an argument seems to make sense…but only with the false assumption that an abortion helps the woman in the long run. Mounds of evidence refute this. Interestingly, a woman who had an abortion in the past is as much as six times more likely to join a pro-life group in the future.

  • Aim Higher In Your Relationships

    Aim Higher In Your Relationships

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, January, 15 2015

    Relationships can be so wonderful and life giving. God designed it that way. We are literally made for relationships - with Him and with one another. One of the mistakes that we make though is believing that a relationship can “complete” us. If we meet the right person then we can finally be whole and happy. Well, there’s some truth to that.  When our significant other has qualities that we don’t have, as a unit we can be more effective and experience greater joys…depending on those differences, of course.

  • The “To-Don’t” List

    The “To-Don’t” List

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, January, 03 2015

    Ah, it’s a new year and time to set our resolutions of all the good things we would like to do and all the bad things we would like to stop doing. But New Year’s resolutions have become almost cliché. So many jokes are made about giving up on those resolutions by the middle of January that it may make you feel almost silly to even admit that you made any.

    I find a similar phenomenon when it comes to my to-do list and my list of goals.

  • What Do You Want for Christmas?

    What Do You Want for Christmas?

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, December, 10 2014

    As Advent begins our thoughts often turn to the gifts we’re hoping to receive and what gifts to get for loved ones.  It can be quite a challenge.  But how often do we think of the real gifts that we should be asking for?

    As I meditate on the Rosary mysteries throughout the year, I usually preface each decade by asking for a virtue associated with that mystery.  For instance, for the Resurrection I ask for Faith and for the Ascension- Hope.  I’m not original…got it from a rosary prayer meditation guide years ago.

    But when it comes to the Birth of Jesus, I get very bold and ask for 3 virtues.

  • Are Sexual Sins the Worst Ones?

    Are Sexual Sins the Worst Ones?

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, November, 24 2014

    In 24 years I’ve seen a lot of clients, mostly Catholic and Christian. And because I am a specifically Catholic therapist (ie. I integrate the faith into the process and follow the teachings of the Church), many of the clients I see will discuss their troubles not only from a psychological point of view but from a spiritual perspective as well. Many seek therapy because they are troubled by past sins and in some cases, present sins from which they cannot seem to break free.

  • Dealing With Turkeys - At The Table....

    Dealing With Turkeys - At The Table....

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, November, 19 2014

    Let’s face it…this “season of joy” is often a season of stress, angst and irritation. Families can be wonderful but there’s usually one or two that challenge even the most Christian among us.

    Here are some tips:

  • Why Pray?

    Why Pray?

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, November, 12 2014

    There’s a question for you!  Why pray?  It seems obvious.  We pray because we want something and we think that God can give it to us.  That’s probably why most people pray.  But could it be there’s more to it?

    The thing that used to really confuse me about prayer was this addendum…to ask for what we want but with the stipulation “If it’s Your will”.  Hmmm…if it’s God’s will, won’t it happen anyway?

  • If A Blessing Falls On A Negative Person, Does It Make A Sound?

    If A Blessing Falls On A Negative Person, Does It Make A Sound?

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, October, 28 2014

    We all want God’s blessings in our lives.  At least we claim to want them. Those struggling with more than their fair share of misfortune especially pray for God to intervene and make things better.  And well we should…Jesus tells us to pray persistently and unceasingly.  And yet, for some it seems their prayers go unanswered.  Year after year they struggle with faith, hoping against hope that God will finally come through, seemingly to no avail.

  • Reeling After the Synod?

    Reeling After the Synod?

    David F. Prosen,LMHC, October, 22 2014

    What a whirlwind it has been with the reports of the Synod over the past week!

    And now that the first part of the Synod has come to a close… I can’t help but notice all the confusion that has set in! The media is now bombarding us with article titles such as “Bishops Scrap Welcome to Gays” and “Catholic Synod: Pope Francis setback on gay policy”.

  • Behavioral and Mental Health Issues

    Behavioral and Mental Health Issues

    Allison Ricciardi, LMHC, October, 10 2014

    Audio of Allison Ricciardi, LMHC on Relevant Radio's 'The Drew Mariani Show'  on the topic: Behavioral and Mental Health Issues

    In 1990, the U.S. Congress established the first full week of October as 'Mental Illness Awareness Week' (MIAW).

    Listen as Allison discusses why a good model of mental health must necessarily include the spiritual aspect of the human person and that goal of psychotherapy is to re-integrate man as a complete physical, rational, emotional and spiritual being.


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